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​Good Sleep Aroma Mist


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What is the Pillow spray from L'essentiel De Japon

​From a gloomy and groggy morning to a refreshing and comfortable morning

"Sleep" is a routine that is absolutely essential for everyday life

There are many people who have various issues revolving sleep, such as having trouble falling asleep or not feeling fully recovered even though they are sleeping properly.

​While choosing the right bedding is important, relaxing your body and mind is extremely important to fall asleep smoothly.

The quality of sleep can improve by relaxing your soul with fragrances.

​Easily enjoy the aroma by spraying Good Sleep Aroma Mist onto bedding. A perfect product for busy people.

レソンシエルロゴ 色つき.png

- Find the fragrance that suits you best-

​For you who love sweet floral scent
おやすみアロマ ゼラニウム.jpg
おやすみアロマ ジャスミン.jpg
おやすみアロマ ラベンダー.jpg
おやすみアロマ ローズアブソリュート.jpg
For you who love citrus fragrances
おやすみアロマ グレープフルーツホワイト.jpg
おやすみアロマ レモン.jpg
おやすみアロマ スイートオレンジ.jpg
おやすみアロマ レモングラス.jpg
おやすみアロマ ベルガモット.jpg
For you who love the natural herbal scents
おやすみアロマ ローズマリー.jpg
おやすみアロマ 薄荷.jpg
おやすみアロマ マジョラムスイート.jpg
おやすみアロマ ペパーミント.jpg
​For you who enjoy rich scent of trees 
おやすみアロマ ユーカリ.jpg
おやすみアロマ マートル.jpg
おやすみアロマ クロモジ.jpg
おやすみアロマ ティートリー.jpg
おやすみアロマ 青森ヒバ.jpg
For you who love exotic scents
おやすみアロマ サンダルウッド.jpg

- Amazing things about Good Sleep Aroma Mist! -

​①Enjoy the Aroma with ease!

Some might hear the word aroma and imagine being difficult to get into, not knowing how to get involved despite their desire to enjoy aroma.

When you want to enjoy aroma with essential oils, you need an aroma diffuser, or you need to drop it on an aroma stone, and there are various steps until you get to enjoy the aroma.

​However, just a couple sprays of this "Good Sleep Aroma Mist" is all you need! Anybody can easily enjoy aroma life without any other equipments!

② Avoid excessive packing and make it affordable.

We want to make is easy and accesible for you to enjoy aroma. So, we worked hard on minimizing the cost and setting an affordable price.

​By avoiding overpacking, we are able deliver in an environmentally friendly manner, and we will deliver safely in an envelope with cushioning material.


③A simple fragrance that's easy to use

Good Sleep Aroma Mist uses carefully selected essential oil from herb farms all over the country. We are not using blends, and carefully produce each aroma spray so you can simply enjoy the fragrance of the herbs.

Since you can enjoy the scent of herbs, you can use it not only as bedding but also as a car or room freshener.

- Places to use -


Around the bed

3316097_m (1).jpg

On Masks

By spraying on bedding, the pleasant scent will lead you into a quality deep sleep.

​In addition, the plant's original deodorant and bacteriostatic effects reduce the un-wanted odor of bedding.

During seasons where mask are useful, you can utilize the aroma mist as a mask spray. Take off the mask and spray the outer side of the mask 2~3 times from 15cm away.


As a Room Refreshener

For odor in the car

Its simplistic scent and natural plant ingredients makes it suitable for using the aroma mist as room freshener.​​

The bottle has a simple and cute design, so it won't interfere with the style of coordination for your room.

It can be used as a deodorant or aroma spray in a car where the odor tends to linger.

​Creates a refreshing atmosphere with the natural deodorant effect of plants and the botanical fragrance. It's small and compact in size, so it only takes up tiny space to store in the car.

- How to use -

Spray 3~5 times from 20cm away on bedding and other objects

- Customer's Voice  -

​While there are so many variety of Aroma sprays out there, I was looking for a simple scent and I found this. It's easy and quick to use. Just spray on pillows and beds. So it was perfect for me who don't want to be fluttered with things to do before going to bed!


Previously, I used to drip essential oils on the aroma diffuser. However, it was a little difficult to maintain and prepare, so I was looking for something easier and bought it. The size is also pouch-sized, so I'm grateful that I can carry it with me when I'm on a business trip.


Because it is small, I store it and use it for the inside of the car. I'm not very good with strong scents, but this was simple scent that is very calming. I think I'm going to buy and use this aroma mist again. However, I think the scent will disappear a little sooner than I liked it to.

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