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Season of Japon Autumn-Winter 

Mask Spray

The scent that

        warms your heart.

​Fragrance perfect for mask use during Autumn and Winter season

In Japan, we have a saying "Autumn of "____"", indicating that the Autumn season has the perfect climate: not too hot and not too cold for doing various activities.

Autumn of appetite, Autumn of reading, Autumn of art, Autumn of sport, and why not include "Autumn of aroma"?

Even during the cold winter season, enjoy the cozy fragrance that warms you up from within.

From L'essential du JAPON's popular mask spray line, Autumn and Winter exclusive mask sprays are now available!

It's hard not to rely on masks when it is approaching the season where common colds and dryness are prevalent. For those who are concerned of catching cold and effect of low humidity, these mask sprays are perfect product.

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Hot Nose

Perfect for the cold and dry season

"Hot nose" encapsulates the scent of ginger that warms the heart and the scent of bergamot that makes you feel elegant

No.1 fragrance from L'essential du JAPON that is fitting for visual landscape of autumn coloring.
A mask spray that you want by your side on chilly days.

​【Essential Oil Used】



Fresh scent of ginger, while pungent, you can feel both sweetness and warm softness.

​It is easy to blend, and said to give you confidence and toughen the mindset.



It is a scent that is loved by many people and uses, such as being used to give better fragrance to Earl Gray tea, foods, and for perfumes. It has a well-balanced scent where you can enjoy both sweetness and bitterness in the refreshing scent.

Sweet Love

Recommended for solstices changing seasons and Valentine's Day
「Sweet Love」A blend that encapsulates luscious scent sweet as love.
As you pass by the warm oranges and through the lavender flower fields, the scent changes to an exotic adult scent.


​【Essential Oil Used】



The scent of lavender is said to calm the mind and has a cool and sweet scent.

​It is also said to go blend nicely with any essential oil. Recommended for those who want calmness and tranquility.


An exotic and sweet floral scent.

Ylang-ylang scent is said to relieve tension and anxiety and calm the mind. The scent itself is quite strong, so small amounts are used for blends.


Sweet Orange

It is an essential oil that feels sweetest in the citrus fruits group. A scent that is approachable and loved by everyone with tremendous blend-ability. ​Fruity scents makes you feel refreshed. Which is perfect for preparing and during work and studies.


Mellow Jasmine

Galbanum is one of the ancient scents, even found in the Old Testament.

A type of fennel of the Umbelliferae family, the scent extracted from the resin that comes out of the rhizome strongly reminds of the earthy scent of soil and leaves.

The powerfulness of Galbanum is combined with the sweet and sensual scent of jasmine. It has a mellow yet sophisticated and captivating scent.

​【Essential Oil Used】



A ripened floral scent with strong distinct scent and presence. 

It is recommended when you are feeling down due to anxiety or stress, and it is said to have a sedative effect, so it makes you feel positive.



It is a deep grassy earthy scent.

The scent is said to be good when you want to keep your mind balanced.

How to Use

​Spray 2~3 times from 15~20cm apart from objects such as masks and bedding equipment that you wish to attach the fragrance to.

​​The mask spray has a bacteriostatic and deodorant effect. Which makes it suitable for slippers and toilette etiquette.


※20ml bottle can be sprayed about 180 times.


Customer's Voice

I purchased "Hot Nose"! Since it mentioned that ginger is contained, I expected a strong scent of fresh ginger. But, it is a very autumn like scent which matched and blended well with fragrance of Bergamot. It has a spicy scent, but it also has a refreshing scent of bergamot, so it didn't feel uncomfortable to put on a mask.


I had purchased a mask spray before, and I bought it this time because the I heard they came out with autumn / winter limited edition. I was wondering what the scent of autumn and winter was like, but I was surprised when I put it on.

The warm and sweet scent redolent of autumn season. It was just the scent I was looking for! I bought "Sweet Love" this time around. Since it's limited, I want to buy it again before it goes away.


​The days of needing to use a mask still persists, so I decided to purchase a mask spray to make my days better. From Autumn-Winter lineup I prefer slightly sweet fragrance. So, personally "Mellow Jasmine" is my favorite. It was quite strong fragrance when I sprayed it to my mask but 2 pushes of the spray was perfect amount.

Recommended Product


Mask Spray【Scent of Osmanthus】

We made the gentle scent of Osmanthus in fall straight into mask spray. Recommended for those who want calm down and relax. Also perfect for those who like gentle floral scent to surround you.

【Blend Content】Osmanthus, Bergamot, Floral water, etc.

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