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​-Beeswax Wrap-

tsutsumi-Beeswax Wrap - (Blue floral pattern)

S Size(18×18cm):880Yen(Tax included)

M Size(27×27cm):1628Yen(Tax included)

​※Includes:One wrap


tsutsumi-Beeswax Wrap - (Dandelion pattern)

S Size(18×18cm):880Yen(Tax included)

M Size(27×27cm):1628Yen(Tax included)

​※Includes:One wrap

What is Beeswax?

Beeswax is a refined wax that makes up the honeycomb. Beeswax has excellent antibacterial and moisturizing properties, which makes it very suitable for wrapping food. Tsutsumi's beeswax wrap is a revolutionary beeswax wrap developed in cooperation with the beekeepers.

Can be used not only as wrap but also as tableware.

Tsutsumi's beeswax wrap has a Scandinavian design and can be used not only as wrap but also as tableware. It can be molded into any shape by melting beeswax with body temperature of the hand, and can be used many times by washing with water. Therefore, you can wrap rice balls, sandwiches, snacks, etc. and carry them as gifts!

​Due to its fashionable design, it is recommended not only for kitchen wear but also for outdoor situations.

※Beeswax coating will be removed by repeated use. When the wrap feels smoother, it will be a sign for getting a replacement.

Eco products that can be returned to the soil after use.

Even if the beeswax coating comes off after repeated use, it can be used as a cloth afterwards. Since it is made of 100% cotton, it is a very eco-friendly product that can be used as a cloth and then buried and return to the soil.

​Reliable production process because it is a wrap for food that goes in your system

Beeswax uses high quality beeswax from Ishizuka Bee Garden. At Ishizuka Bee Garden, we are particular about the environment in which beehives are placed, and because we choose and manage places that are not affected by pesticides, we are able to make reliable beeswax.

​In addition, beeswax has excellent antibacterial and moisturizing properties, so when it is wrapped in food, freshness will last longer. Beeswax wrap is made of 100% cotton, beeswax, vegetable oil, and natural resin, so you can wrap food with confidence.


At the age of 20, I was impressed by the comfort of the reflexology I received for the first time and entered a school specializing in therapists.

January 2013 Professional “Reflexologist license” acquired.

​In March of the same year, I started working at the salon and acquired the techniques of Thai massage and lymph drainage to broaden my range of skills. Since I wanted to pursue health not only by technique but also as a lifestyle, I retired from the salon in May 2019. Started a business in August of the same year, and since October, has been part of the promotional cooperation team in Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

​Representitive 山下 久美(Kumi Yamashita)


・As it is sensitive to heat, please refrain from using it in a microwave oven or washing it with hot water.

・Please don't touch raw meat and raw fish directly.

・Acidic foods and oily foods may accelerate the damage of the product.

・Please refrain from using this product for babies under 1 year old.

・If beeswax gets on glass or pottery, rinse with hot water.

・Don't use on foods that have too much water. (There is no problem if the water content is about the same as the sauce)

​preservation method

After washing with water, place it in a cupboard and store it.

*Since this is a heat-sensitive product, please refrain from storing it in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

​feedback from our customers

I bought this beeswax wrap because I appreciate life and eco-friendly products. I thought that the size was about the same as a handkerchief and wasn't suitable for large items, but it was just the right size when I used it for sweets and sandwiches.

The Scandinavian pattern is cute, so it is very popular for picnics with children.    

​Female 30s of Japan

平均評価 4.5 /5

​I bought it because of its cute design. The product is not flimsy like ordinary wraps on the market, but rather hard. However, I use it as a plate rather than a wrap, because beeswax melts in the body temperature of the hand and can be made into various shapes. It's convenient for carrying cookies, cakes, etc. It is also useful because it has various patterns.

I think it's an eco-friendly product cuz it can be washed several times before being used..

​Female 20s of Japan

平均評価 4.5 /5

When the beeswax is gone, I could use it as a cloth, and when the cloth became old, I heard that it could be returned to the soil. I found that interesting and decided to buy it. It is strange because I was used to throwing away things when it can no longer be used. But it feels good to be environmentally friendly. Recently, I was trying to live an ecological lifestyle little by little, so it was perfect for me. It may not be easy to use at first because it's different from ordinary wraps, but since it can be used as tableware, it can also be used for a small snack time.

​Female 30s of JAPAN

平均評価 4 /5

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- About beeswax -

Beeswax is a wax that is secreted by the secretory glands in the abdomen of worker bees, as a material for bees to form a hexagonal nest. ​

The main ingredient of beeswax is wax ester, which has excellent moisturizing effect, and since it is rich in antibacterial properties, wrapping food with beeswax wrap will keep the freshness for a long time. ​ Ishizuka Bee Garden, which purchases beeswax from this beeswap wrap, is particular about the environment where the beehives are placed, and we select and manage locations that are not affected by pesticides.

Therefore, the quality of beeswax is reliable and you can use it with confidence.


- Birth of beeswax -

Representative Yamashita met Ishizuka Bee Garden when he wanted to work in harmony with nature in Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture after the Great East Japan Earthquake. ​

At the apiary, we were looking for ways to use beeswax, which is a by-product when collecting honey, and were looking for ways to develop products with beeswax.

There, we learned about the existence of beeswax wraps, which has become a hot topic overseas. The reductions of plastic use and not creating garabage aligned with Mr. Yamashita's well. Therfore, we have created beeswax wraps in cooperation with Mr. Yamashita.


tsutsumi-Beeswax Wrap - (Blue floral pattern)

S Size(18×18cm):880Yen(Tax included)

M Size(27×27cm):1628Yen(Tax included)

​※Includes:One wrap


tsutsumi-Beeswax Wrap - (Blue floral pattern)

S Size(18×18cm):880Yen(Tax included)

M Size(27×27cm):1628Yen(Tax included)

​※Includes:One wrap

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