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​What is mask spray?
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Masks are an indispensable part of our lives, such as when we have a cold and when

its hay fever season.

Not only can you embed the natural scent of the plants to the mask, but you can also add the deodorant and bacteriostatic effects derived from the plant and the therapeutic efficacies​

contained in each of the unique plants to the mask.

This is the type of mask spray that L'ssentiel JAPON bring to the table.

​Since mask sprays can be used daily in any situation, we wanted to be careful about providing you with a product that is safe and trustworthy. Therefore, our mask sprays are made with organic floral water and naturally fermented ethanol derived from sugarcane.

​How to use

For masks or bedding, and other items that you want to scent, spray 15 to 20 cm

part and spray 2 to 3 times.

due to its bacteriostatic and deodorizing and deodorizing effect

it can also be used for slippers and toilet etiquette.


※20ml bottle can be sprayed about 180 times.


​For you who・・・


wish to wake up with a clear head


Rosemary × Lemon

No.1 Best selling fragrance [Rosemary and Lemon - mourning blend]

The flower meaning of Rosemary is memory. The fresh citrus combined with sharp scent of rosemary will surely invoke a feeling of clarity.


​wish to have deep sleep



A deeply calming scent「Lavender&Orange -blend for the night-」
Gentle fragrance of the lavender flower and citrus fragrance of orange will put you in deep slumber.


Wish to pursue beauty



Gorgeous scent of rose [Beauty More&Geranium]
Rose`s scent full of fragrance is fused with sweet scent of geranium to create a rich and gorgeously scented aroma spray.


wish to combat

pollen allurgy

-Clear Nose-

Pepper Mint×Eucaliptus

The scent of eucalyptus is perfect for pollen season "Clear nose" Become the savior of the season with stuffy nose and hay fever.


wish to be energized



Fruity scent of citrus「Orange&Bergamot」
Universally cherished scent of orange is fused with bergamot to provide a refreshing citrus fragrance.


Love gorgeous        & rich scent​

-Premium Rose-

​Rose Otto×Rose absolute 

A rich floral scent that utilizes plethora of roses "Rose & Rose abs." ​Enjoy the deep, dense scent of rose.


​Seek mystical atmosphere



A spiritual scent that is oddly addictive「Sandalwood&Jasmine」

​A scent that harmonizes the scent of jasmine flower and sandalwood.


Wish to go




Scent of a deep, dense forrest「Hiba&Kuromoji」

Hiba and kuromoji has a scent that can be senses in a deep forrest. Lemon and Rosemary are added to create the immeresion of shinrin-yoku.

wish to be healed



Refreshing citrus scent「Bergamot&Benzoin」

In addition to bergamot and benzoin, yuzu is infused. The aroma spray has a scent where you would find kindness within the refreshing scent.


A gentle scent   of the spring

-Japon Spring-


we made cherry blossoms; that decorates the spring, into a aroma spray.

「Japon Spring」

A sweet and tender scent of Sakura will be a perfect fit for spring.


​Exhilarating scent     of the summer

-Japon Summer-

Sunset beach

A scent that makes you imagine of a liberating beach in the summer

「Japon Summer」

A spray that is perfect for summer with a refreshing and cooling sensation.


Enriched scent of     autumn

-Japon Autumn-


We captured the scent of osmanthus flower that permeate the autumn sky

「Japon Autumn」

Rich and gentle osmanthus will change the notion of mask use.

-ジャポン オータム-

ウィンター (2).png

Warming scent   of the winter

-Japon Winter-


Calming and warm scent like a Hinoki onsen

「Japon Winter」

​With the addition of Yuzu, its as if you are bathing in a onsen where yuzu are floating around.

Features of L'ssential JAPON 

 Mask Spray


​Naturally derived authentic and organic scent of plants.

Have you ever been bothered by the smell of fresh ethanol when applying typical aroma spray? 


MASK&PILLOW AROMA utilizes ethanol derived from organic sugarcane so our customers can enjoy the natural scent of the plant ingredients without feeling the chemical smell peculiar to ethanol.


*Since the essential oil used in the aroma spray is fat-soluble, it is diluted with a small amount of ethanol before mixing it with purified water.



Expansive variety.

At L'ssential de Japon, we offer wide variety of fragrances of aroma spray compared to similar types of aroma sprays!

There are 14 types in total, 4 of which are seasonally exclusive scents. The bottle is also easy to carry and can be sprayed about 180 times.

You can carry along your favorite fragrances in your bag!


We use pesticide-free herbs from Higashi Matsushima.

We operate an herb plantation in Higashimatsushima, which was heavily impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The soil used contain EM (useful microorganisms) and natural fertilizers to grow herbs completely without pesticides! Floral water extracted from the herbs is fused with the aroma spray to deliver the natural and pure scent of Higashi Matsushima to everyone.


What is L'ssential JAPON?

L'ssentiel JAPON develops products that are human and nature friendly.

L'ssentiel stands for essential in French. 

In order to provide products that convey and provide the richness of nature to our daily lives, we carry out pesticide-free cultivation under rigorous quality control at our own herb farm.

You can also purchase our products from the following below.


feedback from our customers

​Compact size and easy to bring along!

​I purchased it for shoes and slippers I use at work. When I'm conscious about the smell of sweat or when its summer I give it a little spray you can smell the herbs as they are. Because of it's small size, the bag for work doesn't get bulky and it's very convenient!

There are tons varieties!

I purchased because I was attracted by the variety of fragrances offered. I've been searching for aroma spray for a long time, but since there are 11 types, I can choose depending on the mood of the day. Sometimes I have a hard time choosing which scents I want to use! 

​I am also very curious about the seasonal fragrances! I can't wait to obtain all four of them!

Scents just like the actual herbs

As I work in the medical field I need to wear a mask very often. I wasn't very fond of the chemical smell of masks then found this aroma spray! When I spray onto the mask its scent is just like the actual herbs and very pleasant. Unlike synthetic fragrances it is a very natural scent and doesn't bother people around me. It's my favorite aroma spray!


Recommended  products


Refreshing & cooling mask spray


Walking around in the summer is already so hot. Wearing the masks for couple minutes makes the mask feel stuffy and intensify the heat!


With the cooling sensation mask spray you can feel refreshed and cooled even when wearing a mask!

How is this possible? its done by the power of menthol contained in Hakka(Japanese Peppermint)!! Hakka has more menthol than regular peppermint.

The soothing sensation that cleanses the nose when you smell peppermint is called "Reikan" in Japanese. Our eyes and nose are said to be particularly sensitive to Reikan = the cooling sensation. By applying the mask spray infused with organic peppermint to mask you use daily, you get to enjoy daily leisure feeling refreshed and cooled.

Infuse the mask with scent of organic peppermint and yuzu

Revitalize your mask life with the cooling sensation.


​A refreshing lemon scent is fused with refreshing Hakka



ひんやり冷感 クールシトラス.png
ひんやり冷感 コールドミント.png
Natural Hakka

A gentle and soothing scent gives you a refreshing feeling.




Stimulating scent of citrus fused with menthol from Hakka to provide a refreshing scent.

ひんやり冷感 フレッシュサマー.png

How to Use

Spray the aroma onto the outer-side of the mask 2~5 times from 20cm away


There is a potent scent of peppermint but after it goes away the mask is odor free! I use this to sanitize and get rid of the factory and chemical smell of disposable masks! Thanks to peppermint, breathing becomes easy and refreshing as it clears my nose. (I don't hay fever btw but it helps a lot!)

It says cooling sensation. But its not too intense and feels soft on the skin. It's really comforting to know that all ingredients are natural and it is a very pleasant scent! It helps me be stress free especially recently where I have to wear a mask all the time. It's so nice I want to respray my mask every hour!

Customer Feedback


It's entering the season where wearing the mask becomes very hot but I still need to wear a mask, so I decided to purchase the mask spray. I'm using the one with only natural peppermint but its very fresh and exhilarating breathing through the nose! The scent doesn't last too long because of its natural fragrance but it's perfect for change of mood and a breath of fresh air.

About the effect of fragrance


​When smelling the clean scent of lemon, it cleanses and refreshes your mind. In addition, it is said that the scent of lemon cools heat and improves the flow of lymph and blood. It is said to have an effect settling upset  stomachs from overeating.


Organic Hakka's menthol gives off a cooling sensation. The refreshing scent that gives you a clear head can also relieve indigestion, heartburn, and nausea and perfect for when trying to calm down.

​※The mask spray has a strong scent of Hakka so be wary of over-applying the spray.


The scent of grapefruit is a peculiar, mild and refreshing citrus scent. It is said that the scent revitalize your mood and cools your body.

​In addition, it is said to help the digestive absorption by cooling the heat of the stomach, which was caused by overeating that stem from stress.

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