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Let's acquire true power !

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An aroma spray that luxuriously traps the sacred scent.
There are 3 types of scents.
Frank Veda "Purify" to enjoy  the scent of frankincense as it is, "Beauty" recommended for those who are conscious of beauty and health, and "Fortune" recommended for those who are conscious of good luck and fortune. It can be used not only as a living room aroma, but also as a deodorant spray for masks, bedding, clothes and toilets.


FRANK-VEDA  -purify-
Sacred frankincense aroma spray

PRICE               2,750 (JPY)
AMOUNT         100ml  _3.38 fl.oz
FRAGRANCE     frankincense



Frankincense has been used as incense since the 40th century BC. From ancient times to the present, it has been used as a sacred incense for offering to God. By incorporating the sacred scent into your life, you will feel the power of purification and mystery and enrich your life.We made "Frank Veda" with the desire to use the noble scent as it is.


When we make a cut in the bark, frankincense sap is secreted.
The purpose is to protect & repair the wound from bacteria and insects. It is said that Cleopatra and Yang Guifei loved it because of the power of reproduction and the noble scent, and it has been loved for many years. Use the Holy Bliss Shower to reset your mind and embrace the mysterious powers.


To you ..

Stressful society and Boring day.
plz take a deep breath , don't blaming yourself.
Reset it once and close your eyes to feel the scent of mysterious vitality. Power charge to move your life for the better.

Uses high essence from Ethiopia (COSMO)


FRANK-VEDA is carefully selected with particular attention to the place of origin and harvest time.
Growing up in an environment suitable for Boswellia sacra (Frankincense tree), Frankincense from Ethiopia has a clear scent reminiscent of ancient times.

We strive to make sustainable products by using the following COSMO certified essential oils.
(1) Promote the use of raw materials that respect organic farming and biodiversity
(2) Use of naturally derived raw materials obtained in a circulatory form and environmentally friendly materials
(3) Manufacture that considers humans and the global environment
(4) Develop products in line with the concept of "green chemistry" (an environmental movement that proposes a sustainable and sustainable scientific industry in consideration of the impact on the ecosystem).


Focusing on sustainability that considers humans and the global environment

The Boswellia cherry tree, the raw material for frankincense, has been certified as "Near Threatened" by the IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature. Since Ethiopian farmers can also circulate, we try to be sustainable by deciding the number of harvests and cultivating trees. By purchasing raw materials through fair trade from farmers who are committed to such environmentally and ecologically friendly activities, we are able to make sustainable transactions that are friendly to humans and the global environment.


Power of  Wish

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.
Sir William Wordsworth   since.1770~1850




Spray Purify (green label) 4-5 times on the space.


Close your eyes and purify your mind and body. (1-2 minutes)




Please spray where you want to purify further, mask , bed, clothes.



Fortune (gold) and beauty (red) charge power in the same way.


From blessings of the sacred place

Concentrate on your mind and body.

Lessentiel Japon​.

Image by Farsai Chaikulngamdee

No.1  Purifies the mind and body with a sacred scent


FRANK-VEDA -purify-
Frankincense to Purify

PRICE               2,750 (JPY)
AMOUNT         100ml  _3.38 fl.oz
FRAGRANCE     frankincense

A luxurious blend of rare frankincense from Boswellia sacra in Ethiopia, with a focus on purifying the heart and body. An aroma spray that serves as a "base" to cleanse your surroundings with a clear and sacred scent, and to efficiently incorporate the vibration of luck and the original beauty.

+   PLUS  one

Image by Meryl Spadaro

No.2  Charge the energy of beauty and health


FRANK-VEDA -beauty-
Rose for beauty

PRICE               2,750 (JPY)
AMOUNT         100ml  _3.38 fl.oz
FRAGRANCE     Rose Abs. , neroli , sandalwood , frankincense etc.

Rose Abs. of Morocco is said to be a flower born with Venus. Its lovely scent makes your heart beautiful and evokes the passion of human beings. The delicate and delicate essence of the rose condenses strength. Rose for Beauty is a gorgeous scented aroma spray that luxuriously blends rose absolute and neroli with frankincense.


Image by Visual Stories || Micheile

No.3 Charge money and good luck energy


FRANK-VEDA -fortune-
Bergamot for fortune

PRICE               2,750 (JPY)
AMOUNT         100ml  _3.38 fl.oz
FRAGRANCE    Bergamot (FCF), Frankincense

"Bergamot", said to be the treasure of Calabria, Italy The golden fruit, which is bathed in plenty of sunlight from heaven, gives off a bitter and noble scent. An aroma spray that stores magnificent power and shines, with a fresh scent and a sacred frankincense harmony.


Natural Incense

Luxury / Rare Ethiopian Frankincense Sap


Natural Frankincense resin : 50g


Frankincense's natural incense, which has been burned and used as incense since the 40th century BC, has been used as a sacred thing to offer to God from ancient times to the present. It is said that Frankincense was sent along with gold and myrrh at the time of the birth of Christ.

 It is noble and crystal clear smell like.

[Country of origin] Ethiopia Scientific

[name ] Boswellia carterii

[Family name] Torchwood family

[ Part ] Resin Contents: 50g

[ Price ]  * Conditional free shipping

¥ 1,280 ( JP tax included)

フランク・ヴェーダ  -beauty-.jpg
フランク・ヴェーダ  -purify-.jpg
フランク・ヴェーダ  -fortune-.jpg


Wear true power.

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