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【Pillow Spray】Oyasumi Aroma Mist is now available!


[Sleep] is one of the routine action that is absolutely essential for all animal's daily life.  Everyone, are you getting good sleep?

There are various personal sleep concerns such as having trouble falling asleep and still being tired after sleeping. While the selection of the bedding equipment is important as well, a more significant condition for falling asleep smoothly is to relax your mind and body. "I want to get quality sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!" To support the sleep for such people, L'essential du Japon started selling ~ Oyasumi Aroma Mist ~. "Oyasumi" means "good night" and said to family members and friends before sleep.

- What is a Pillow Spray? Pillow spray is liquid solution which would be sprayed in mist form to bedding equipment such as pillows and sheets as well as curtains. By spraying the mist 3~5 times, your pillow will be surrounded by comforting aroma of essential oil. Alternatively, you can enjoy the botanical fragrance by spraying it on a handkerchief. By falling asleep surrounded by your favorite fragrance, it elevates relaxation effects and make you fall into a comforting deep sleep. The trait of this Oyasumi Aroma Mist is that it is a soft scent and recommended for those who do not like the strong scent of perfume and those who are a little bit worried about body odor. Please get into bed after the pillow and bedding dries up.

Oyasumi Aroma mist  ~ Eucalyptus~ 【Price Tax included 880Yen】

■Recommended for those who have the following concerns

□Still feel tired and lethargic after sleeping □It takes time to fall asleep after getting into bed □Think too much before going to sleep □Wake up multiple times during the night □Can't get enough sleep time due to raising a baby ■Other Uses Pillow spray is a 3WAY product that can be used not only as a pillow but also as a "mask spray" and "deodorant mist in the car". Despite being small and lightweight, it is possible to spray about 200 times in 20㎖ (2 months on average). It is ethanol derived from sugar cane and does not give off a unique ethanol odor. It also has a deodorant and bacteriostatic effect due to its plant-based deodorant component. Since it contains natural essential oil and botanical floral water, you can enjoy the original scent of plants.

■Since there are many scents to choose from you can sleep surrounded by your favorite fragrance depending your mood of the day We hope it will provide a extra edge to your daily life and support to getting excellent sleep quality. Let's elevate the quality of sleep by making sleep routine personal and unique. Purchase from here  【Yahoo!ショッピング】


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