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Popular Aroma Mask Spray in Japan


Enhance your everyday life with L'essentiel du JAPON mask spray. Essential oil and it's aromatic fragrances have been used for thousands of years for both physical and emotional therapeutic benefits. From soothing and relaxing effect to rejuvenating feeling, botanical aroma will make your mind at ease. Positive minds and relaxing rest will lead to a productive and full filling life cycle. So why not make the change and start using mask sprays to elevate your time using masks!

It is important to us that our product are safe and comfortable for use as well as being environmentally friendly. At L'ssential du Japon we provide mask sprays of various fragrances with meticulous quality control. We take pride in using organic essential oil and sugar cane derived ethanol cultivate domestically here in Japan. Enjoy the organic scent of botanical ingredients. 

From soothing scent of Lavender, the luxurious scent of rose, energizing scent of orange, to Hakka and Aomori Hiba that make you feel like your in a rain-forest, we provide variety of aroma mixture to match your desired mood and setting. We offer 14 different combination of essential oils as well as 4 seasonal mixture fragrances.

Every where you go...

The mask spray is small and compact so that it can be easily carried everywhere you need to be. A quick application of our mask spray stimulates your senses and feel refreshed, energized, and relaxed.

On top of wearing masks to prevent catching a common cold or allergies such as hey fever, the botanical aroma will positively impact your mind, body, and soul specially during these global pandemic times where there are much more opportunity of wearing the mask.

For those who feel stuffy and hot wearing a mask, we have solution for you! Our cooling sensation mask spray infused with Hakka, the Japanese peppermint

At home...

The mask spray are also excellent for applying on pillows and bathroom. Due to its bacterio-static and deodorizing effect you can comfortable spray on pillows and sleep engulfed in your favorite fragrance.

How to use

Apply the mask spray onto the mask or pillow from 20cm away. Spray 2 to 4 times and enjoy the organic botanical aroma!

Best seller on Amazon and Yahoo daily rankings!

Our mask spray is popular in Japan. Our aroma mask spray achieved best selling on Amazon and Yahoo daily sales rankings. It is also getting attraction in Taiwan as well!!

Top aroma mixture selection

-Fine- Orange×Bergamot

Fruity scent of citrus, universally cherished scent of orange is fused with bergamot to provide a refreshing citrus fragrance. Recommended for you when you want to be invigorated with energy.

-Cool Citrus-


​A refreshing lemon scent is fused with refreshing Hakka. The menthol in the Japanese peppermint: Hakka provides a cooling sensation that makes masks bearable in hot climate.


Kuromoji×Aomori Hiba×Lemon

Recommended for you who want to feel the relaxing and healing sensation of walking through the forest. Both Kuromoji and Aomori Hiba, have a distinct authentic Japanese scent that paints the image of a forest. Lemon and rosemarry are also infused to further promote a soothing feeling.

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