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Popular in Japan! Refreshing & cooling mask spray

Refreshing & cooling mask spray

The summer in Japan is already so hot. Wearing the masks for couple minutes makes the mask feel stuffy and intensify the heat!

With the cooling sensation mask spray you can feel refreshed and cooled even when wearing the mask!

How is this possible? its done by the power of menthol contained in Hakka (Japanese Peppermint)!! Hakka has more menthol than regular peppermint.

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The soothing sensation that cleanses the nose when you smell peppermint is called Reikan in Japanese. Our eyes and nose are said to be particularly sensitive to Reikan = the cooling sensation. By applying the mask spray infused with organic peppermint to mask you use daily, you get to enjoy daily leisure feeling refreshed and cooled.

Infuse the mask with scent of organic peppermint and yuzu and revitalize your mask life with this cooling sensation.

To purchase the cooling mask sprays click on the link below!

How to Use

Push/spray the aroma onto the outer-side of the mask from 20cm away

Customer feedback

-It says cooling sensation. But its not too intense and feels soft on the skin. It's really comforting to know that all ingredients are natural and it is a very pleasant scent! It helps me be stress free especially recently where I have to wear a mask all the time. It's so nice I want to respray my mask every hour!

-There is a potent scent of peppermint but after it goes away the mask is odor free! I use this to sanitize and get rid of the factory and chemical smell of disposable masks! Thanks to peppermint, breathing becomes easy and refreshing as it clears my nose. (I don't hay fever btw but it helps a lot!)

-It's entering the season where wearing the mask becomes very hot but I still need to wear a mask, so I decided to purchase the mask spray. I'm using the one with only natural peppermint but its very fresh and exhilarating breathing through the nose! The scent doesn't last too long because of its natural fragrance but it's perfect for a change of mood 


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