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An aroma mist inspired by the scent of the town of Sendai. There are 7 types of scents, Sendai, Yamamoto-cho, Onagawa, Higashimatsushima, Zao, Ishinomaki, and Uwajima, and the scents and essence of each place are condenced and packed.

You can feel close to your favorite town as this new product gifts you the scent of the town in a bottle you can carry around!



Sendai Tanabata Festival

Tanabata is an event on July 7th of the lunar calendar, and it used to be held on July 7th in Sendai.

These days, it is held on August 6, 7, and 8, and the streets of Sendai are decorated with Tanabata decorations. Many tourists travel to come see the spectacular cityscape.

​Every year, the people at each individual store prepare the gorgeous bamboo decorations by hand. In Sendai Tanabata, it is customary to decorate with a set of 5 windsock.  They start putting up the decoration from around 8 am on August 6th. Then inspection and scoring for the extraordinary ornaments will be conducted. Gold, silver and bronze awards will be announced in the afternoon. When they are awarded, the plates of each award will be attached to the base of the decoration. If you are interested, please look for the plates for the best decorations.

Sendai Tanabata is an attractive and fun Japanese festival that is packed with various attractions such as a food court where you can enjoy delicious food in Sendai, an event corner to do numbers of festival activities, and a fun decoration making experience.




Aromachi「Sendai」is a scent that visualizes Joenji street in Sendai city. Jozenji street is 15 minuites walk from Sendai station, the main train station for the north Japan. It is about 700m long and perfect for walk along the zelkova trees. It was selected as one of the "100 Best Roads in Japan" because of its beautiful scenery, and in addition to the Tanabata Festival, the entire zelkova tree lined with illumination shines with a pageant of light.

Aromachi「Sendai」is an aroma mist that expresses the scent of the forest and the gorgeous scent of flowers, as if you were walking along a row of zelkova trees.



​Tohoku's largest strawberry farm

Yamamoto Town is known as the best strawberry producing area in Tohoku, and is called the "Strawberry Kingdom" because of its mild climate.

Many strawberries are produced, including "Yamamoto Strawberry Farm" where you can go strawberry picking. In strawberry picking, you can enjoy sweet and bright red strawberries, and you can also enjoy delicious food at the cafe. They also offer tours and experiences of the facility, so please search「Yamamoto Strawberry」if it interests you.

​Aromachi「Yamamoto-cho」is an aroma mist that reproduces the sweet and sour and fresh strawberry scent that you feel in Yamamoto Town.



Onagawa Yuzu cultivation

Onagawa established the Yuzu Farm with the concept of "creating new products in Onagawa Town."

Despite the harsh condition, due to continuous efforts of farmers and help of locals and volunteers, the Yuzu farm is amazing as it is being improved daily.

Further development is anticipated as the yuzu used is also looking to be developed into a product. 

Onagawa is also famous for it's ocean. The sea of Onagawa is clear and blue, and you can make wonderful memories by enjoying barbecue on the beach or by swimming in the sea. Onagawa is a place full of great fresh seafood.

​Aromachi「Onagawa」is an aroma mist that expresses the scent of precious yuzu carried from refreshing sea breeze.



Higashi Matsushima Herb Farm

Higashi Matsushima was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, since Higashi Matsushima is a rich land full of nature, we are dedicated wanted to deliver the blessings of nature once again.

Therefore, "Higashi Matsushima Herb Farm" was opened in cooperation with farmers in Higashi Matsushima.

At the herb farm, many herbs grown without pesticides are cultivated with love by farmers. Among them, lavender occupies a big area, and it blooms colorful purple landscape at the time of flowering.

The herb plantation is open from May to October, so if you are interested, please call us from the following site.

Aromachi「Higashimatsushima」is an aroma mist filled with the gentle scent of lavender that you can feel in such a lush herb farm.



Fureai Ranch Zao Heartland

Fureai Ranch Zao Heartland is a large farm/ranch surrounded in the impressive nature of Zao. Cows, sheep and goats are grazing on the farm where you can pet and feed them.

In addition to interacting with the animals, there is also an experience center where you can make cheese, butter, sausages, ice cream, etc., and a coffee shop where you can eat beef, Zao cheese, and rich ice cream produced at the foot of Zao mountain.

​Aromachi「Zao」is an aroma mist with a gentle, natural sweet scent reminiscent of milk ice cream made by the freshly squeezed milk from a cow that grew in freeing nature.



Ishinomaki City Monoucha

Tea cultivated in Momou-cho, Ishinomaki City is called "Momou-cha". It is a tea with limited quantity of production with high rare value. Date Masamune started cultivating momou tea in various parts of the Sendai domain in the early 17th century for industrial recovery. Thus, it was called the "northern teahouse" in the older days. It is still cultivated, has minimal bitterness, and is a mellow, sweet and fragrant tea.

​Aromachi「Ishinomaki-shi」is an aroma mist with a relaxing scent of the tea that helps to calm the mind.



​Uwajiama juicy citrus

Many people think of juicy citrus fruits when they think of Uwajima in Ehime prefecture. Uwajima is a land that produces various citrus fruits, and its land and climate are perfect places to grow citrus fruits.

Uwajima is said to have three suns, one is the sun floating in the sky, the second is the sun reflected from the sea, and the third is the sun reflected on the stone wall built on the slope. Exposure to the sun makes sweet and juicy citrus fruits. In addition to the sun, the warm climate of Setouchi and the multi leveled orange fields are easily exposed to sunlight and drain well, so it is said to be suitable for producing citrus fruits.

「Aromachi」captures the scent of the town of Sendai. So why is Uwajima part of the fragrant series you might ask? 

​In 1975, Uwajima became historical sister city based on the historical relationship that Date Masamune's chief son Hidemune of the Sendai domain entered the Uwajima domain.

​Aromachi「Uwajima」is an aroma mist that captures the image of sweet and juicy citrus fruits which makes you feel the citrus scent floating in the refreshing breeze of Uwajima.

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